Shihan Hoosain Narker visit to Canada is finally been materialize. He will be entering Canada on December 30, 1999. His first stop will be in Vancouver, British Columbia. Then he will be visiting Winnipeg, Manitoba, on January 6, 2000. Anyone in Canada interested in meet and train with him should contact at : ashihara@iafrica.com. For more information about his visit to Winnipeg, you can contact Angel Carrasco at :  carrasco@home.com.

    For all you interested in learning more about Ashihara Karate International and meet Shihan Hoosain Narker I will be posting here his itinerary. (Click here to see some pictures from Shihan Hoosain Narker). Also if you want to know more about him and his organization, you can visit his homepage at : http://users.iafrica.com/a/as/ashihara/index2.htm .

About Shihan Hoosain Narker visit to Winnipeg (January 07, 2000)

I must inform you that Shihan Hoosain Narker visit to Canada was cancelled due to problems he had with the Greyhound bus. I apologize for any inconvenient I had caused to the persons who had helped me with the preparations. It was unfortunate we did not had the chance to meet Shihan Hoosain Narker, however he did his best to resolve the problem and be here. Also I would like to inform all the persons that had show interest and have been asking, that Shihan Hoosain Narker would not be in Winnipeg on February as I said to some of you. However it is probable that he still visit Toronto, so any of you who lived on that area, should contact Shihan Hoosain Narker, if you would like to meet him.
I believed that everything happens for a reason. So maybe we were not prepare yet to benefit from Shihan Hoosain Narker visit. I hope he would be able to come back in the years ahead, then we may have another chance to meet him. For now I wish Shihan Hoosain Narker a good and a save trip. OSU!
Angel Carrasco 

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