Kyokushin Karate

During my journey in the Martial Arts, I have been fortunate to find on my path different styles of Martial Arts and have the chance to learn from them. Karate is one of them, through  this page I will try to share my experience with those who are interested in Karate. Maybe doing this I can help others who are just starting and looking for information on this Art. Please be aware that this page does not represent (neither pretend) any organization or school of Karate. The information on this page is my personal interpretation of what I learned from my teachers or others sources (books, tapes, seminars, etc..). I believed that if people learn more about others styles, we will understand better each other, maybe we will realize that after all we are all part of a big puzzle, and if we cooperate each other we will only benefits, and maybe it will help us to find the others pieces of this big puzzle.
As we walk through our path, we become more aware of ourselves and the surrounding, we open ourselves to the spiritual part of our life. As our consciousness become more clear we start to realize that physical competition is not the basis for humanity and it is not very important how many championships you won or how many boards or bricks you can break. Instead, what is important is how we can help each other and make this world a better place to live. It is by not doubt that Martial Arts gives us the confidence to believe that we can defend ourselves or others. However, what is more important is to keep away from violence altogether and using Martial Arts as a method to refine our bodies and minds. These statements are difficult to live by, however we should try our best to bring out the best of us.
On these pages you will find primarily information about Karate in Winnipeg. I will be adding as much information as I can get about the different Dojos, ( schedule, teachers, tournaments, and others ). If you would like to help, please send the information you have and I will posted on these pages. I hope you enjoy the visiting of this site.