Grading in Dojo Entheos Kyokushin-Karate

    There are some difference in grades within Kyokushin schools depending on which organization they are associated with. However they all have some basis common ground and all of them divide their ranks on kyu for the beginners and dan for the advance students. Each kyu have an specific color belt( which could be different from one school to other) and each dan have an specific number of gold stripe with their name in Japanese script embroidered in one of the end of the belt. The kyu and dan system is much more accurate to represent the grade of the students. The color system sometimes differ from one school to another, some of them start with yellow belt others with red belt or white belt or orange belt, which sometimes become very confuse, however if you know their kyu you may have a better appreciation on what level of understanding of kyokushin the student is at that level. Below you will found a table which show the color belts that we use  in our school for the different kyu (which could be different from others schools). I also include the black belt grades as a reference.

English Kyu  Belt Color Japanese Kyu  Belt Color
No Kyu White No Kyu
No Kyu White senior No Kyu
10th Orange Jokkyu
9th  Orange senior Kyukyu
8th  Blue  Hachikyu
7th  Blue senior  Nanakyu
6th  Yellow  Rokukyu
5th  Yellow senior  Gokyu
4th  Green  Yonkyu
3rd  Green senior  Sankyu
2nd  Brown  Nikyu
1st  Brown senior  Ikkyu


English Dan Belt color Japanese Dan Belt Color
1st  Black Belt Shodan   
2nd  Black Belt Nidan
2 gold stripes
3rd  Black Belt Sandan
3 gold stripes
4th Black Belt Yondan
4 gold stripes
5th Black Belt Godan
5 gold stripes
6th Black Belt Rokudan
6 gold stripes
7th Black Belt Sichidan
7 gold stripes
8th Black Belt Hachidan
8 gold stripes
9th Black Belt Kudan
9 gold stripes
10th Black Belt Judan
(Kaincho or Kancho)
10 gold stripes

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