Pictures from the Past

Angel Carrasco gets silver medal
Angel Carrasco testing for Blue Belt in Arica, Chile

Angel Carrasco gets silver medal
Marcos Lazo, Kung-Fu Instructor, giving Angel Carrasco
a silver medal in an Open Karate Tournament, organized
by the Kyokushin School at the University of Chile 

Dojo Kyokushin - Vice Champions
Standing: Angel Carrasco, Jose Saavedra, Segovia, Guillermo Sanchez,
Herbert Sanchez (Sensei), Manuel Villarroel, Claudio Segovia
Sitting: Ivan Aguilera, Jose Morales, Freddy Segovia

Dojo Kyokushin Wins Chile Karate Championships
Angel Carrasco 2nd left from top row

Sensei Herbert Sanchez
My Sensei from Chile Herbert Sanchez,
 Dojo Kyokushin