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    I personally never met in Sosai Masutatsu Oyama, however, he influenced my life deeply. One of the things that I admire most about Sosai Oyama is the fact that he created a style of martial art that influenced positively the lives of  millions of people.  To me it is like a nuclear explosion, the results are in a big magnitude, just with one nuclear bomb it is possible to change the course or destiny of the whole planet. Sosai Oyama created Kyokushin and became an art so powerful that was able to influence greatly the history of humanity. All of this brings to  me hope and belief  in the human being,  even if  we created  weapons so destructive like the nuclear bomb, it is also true that we can produce human beings able to produce positive and transcendental change in the history of humanity. All we need is one person to be able to initiate such changes, the most important is to be able to communicate, to pass on that knowledge so it can produce a chain so powerful as the chain reaction of the nuclear bomb. That is the reason why I started this Homepage, so we can keep alive what Sosai Oyama started, specially on this confusion time when our Kyokushin family is getting adjusted to the new circumstances. In a family with many sons and daughters, when they become older they will leave their homes to make their own families. Some of them will become doctors, others laborer, engineers, carpenter, teachers, however, even if they choose a different way of life, they still are connected together by the same roots that run through them, they will still meet together, help each other, honor their  parents, so they become powerful families. The Kyokushin family has great  people in it like Shihan Bobby Lowe, Shihan Akiyoshi Matsui, Sosai's wife Chiyako Oyama, Shihan Yukio Nishida, Shihan Keiji Sanpei, Shihan Matsushima, Sosha Shigeru Oyama, Hanshi Steve Arneil, Shihan Stuart Corrigal, Shihan Roman Szyrajew, Shihan Miyuki Miura, Shihan Dan Soller, Shihan Joko Ninomiya, Shihan David Cook, Shihan Tadachi Nakamura, Shihan Howard Collins, Shihan Seiji Isobe, Shihan Andre Coulombe, I will never found enough space to write the names of all the people that have roots on our great family, many of these people are unknown, because they never become famous, champions, or never were associated with Honbu, those people on their own contributed to this great family. It is true that there are differences between them, and those differences some time create antagonism, this supposed to be natural because we all perceive Kyokushin in different ways. As far as we still have the same roots, we will always be part of this great Kyokushin family. The important thing is to help each other and not to destroy each other. It is important to share the knowledge with others and also learn from others.

I have learned myself a lot about Kyokushin through the Homepage of Shaharan Yussof, which I consider one of the best homepages about Kyokushin. I acknowledge, and I thank him for taking the time to make, organize and share with us that Knowledge.  OSU!

Angel Carrasco